Luxury Mountain
Fitness Retreat

August 21-23


Begin your retreat with a warm welcome from Soulfit by exploring the fabulous fitness products, nutritional snacks, and accessories in your complementary welcome bag.  Enjoy your new Live Fit. Apparel and loungewear as you gear up for your exciting weekend ahead.



Soulfit offers a wide variety of adventurous fitness activities, providing experiences and memories to take with you beyond the retreat.  Get swole and flexly while increasing your range of motion with our mobility workout of the day.  Or challenge yourself with one of our medium intensity functional training workouts where fun and fitness come together.

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Have fun with new friends learning healthy eating tips and how to develop a healthy nutritional lifestyle from Amazon author of Your Inner Chef, A Paleo and Gluten-Free Cookbook with Recipes for the Global Soul.  Design and develop a personal fitness plan to meet your fitness goals for life long health.

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Kick off your trainers, put your feet up, and let your soul rest in the luxuries of the surroundings.  Take a dip in the pool.  Grab a book from the library.  Sweat it out in the sauna.  Unite with like-minded people.  Share a unique experience in a special place.

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